Our goal is to create great tasting, convenient and healthful food. Healthful is the key part. Healthy for the environment, great for the workers (animals and people), and great for the consumer’s health.

Why Insects

Edible insects are very healthful. Insects are sustainable compared to traditional livestock. They have low green house gas emissions, use less feed/water, and require less land. Farmed insects are able to execute their instinctual behaviors and are harvested humanely. Insects are a complete protein and also contain vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fat).

Most importantly, they taste great!

Crickets stand out because they can be economically farmed for food production. Crickets also have a pleasing flavor.

Incredible Foods celebrates the unique flavor that insects bring to the table!

Our Insects – FAQ

What do crickets taste like?

They have a slight shrimp like flavor with brothy and earthy undertones. They also have a savory taste due to the high protein content.

Where do the insects come from?

Our insects are farmed specifically for human consumption in North America.

Are the insects raised and harvested humanly?

The insects are raised in a manner in which they have access to food, water, shelter and can execute their instinctual behaviors. They are harvested by exposing them to cold temperatures.

How are the insects cleaned?

They are simply cleaned by washing with water before being processed.

What are they fed?

Their feed consists of a grain based diet. No meat or animal products.

About Us

I’m Mark Nagy, the founder of Incredible Foods.mark nagy edible inects entomophagy regulations

I first heard about the food industry in high school chemistry class. My teacher passed out a pamphlet about a food science from the University of Delaware. Science, problem solving… and you get to taste food on the job! I decided that day to embark on a career in the food industry.

After receiving a food science degree from Rutgers, I set out learn as much about the food industry as possible. What I found is that our food system is hard on the environment, exploits animals, and the lacks nutrition.

My light bulb moment was while watching Survivor. In a classic food eating immunity challenge, contestants needed to eat 40 meal worms to move on. The host says that meal worms are eaten all of the time by the locals.

Incredible Foods is the culmination of years of research and formulation experience in commercial food production.