Sal de Cricket – The Original Cricket Seasoning

The seasoning starts with North American farm raised crickets. They are dry roasted and ground into a powder. Then blended with sea salt, flavorful peppers and spices. Sal de Cricket celebrates cricket’s own unique flavor!


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About the Product

sal de cricket seasoning only

  • An edible insect seasoning made with organic roasted crickets and blended with sea salt, chili peppers and spices
  • Crickets provide savory taste and their own unique flavor
  • Our crickets are farm raised and harvested in North America
  • Crickets are a sustainable source of protein and flavor!
  • Ingredients: Sea Salt, Organic Roasted Cricket Powder (Acheta domesticus), Chili Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Lime Peel, Spices
  • Allergen Information: Contains Crickets (people who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to crickets)
  • Also available wholesale and for food service/restaurants

Sal de Cricket - Jar Label - calibri 1.75 x 7.0 4